Why Soccer Is Such a Great Sport

SoccerFor a lot of people, playing sports is an important activity in their everyday life for several reasons, from the health related benefits to the social interactions they get out of it. And in the world of sports, soccer occupies a very special place. It’s the number one sport on the planet, and for good reasons.

In this article, we will show you – from a believer’s point of view – why soccer is such a great sport for everyone.

Soccer Promotes Team Work

In this sport, you’re nothing without your teammates. You could be the best player on the planet, if there is no one to keep the goal safe, no one to pass the ball to you or no one to shoot the free kicks, you will not be able to win any game.

In order to have good results, you not only need to work together, you need to listen to each other and become so in-tune with one another that you can read one’s movement without giving any tell-tale. Thus, soccer teaches you to listen to your fellowmen and find ways to understand each other.
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5 Ways to Help Thy Neighbor

Helping Hand

Helping Hand

Unfortunately, the world is slowly becoming a selfish place where everyone only thinks about one thing and that is themselves. Money controls everything, and family and relationships have lost their center role.

Values of old such as honesty and looking after one another have been abandoned which only serves to increase the sense of insecurity. To fix this terrible situation, you can start by helping out your neighbor. By putting into practice these small few tips, you will see that the world around you will become much more pleasant and a better place to be living in.

Donate Your Clothes

The first way to help out is simply to go through your wardrobe and select articles of clothing or shoes which have either become too small or that you don’t use anymore. You can do the same with your children’s toys and pick games which they have outgrown.
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The Different Beliefs and Religions in the World Today

Different Religions

Different Religions

The first step towards becoming a good person of faith is to accept other people not only in all their similarities but also in all their differences.

Even though billions of people believe in a superior entity, not everyone share the same ideas about what makes or who is that superior being, and what it all means for us down here.

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Be Fit to Better Serve Your Beliefs

To serve your beliefs and protect your views against the opposition, there’s no need to become a soldier of God or to go to extremes, but it’s always easier when you are in good shape. It’s only when your body will be fit that you will have the levels of energy required and the stamina to live the healthy life you were meant to.

Whatever you believe in or the religion you embrace, you will always benefit from shedding some pounds and reclaiming a thin figure. Now, you don’t necessarily need to have a six-pack showing but having for goal to get toned might be a good idea. Here’s how to accomplish that.

Where Are You at the Moment?

To better judge the road ahead and the efforts you will have to put in to reach your target, take a look at this table.

Where are you at the moment? How much do you have to lose? By using this table, you can get an idea on how many percent you will need to get rid of in order to be fit (the goal is to hit the 15% mark.)

How to Get There?

The way to reach the desired effect will be twofold. First, you will want to pay attention to what you eat and select foods that will promote your overall health.

Secondly, you will want to start a work-out regimen that will ensure you burn an even greater number of calories. It’s the synergetic effects of both measures that will truly impact how you look and feel. You could get by with only one of those techniques but, if you want to maximize your loss and not waste months spent in starvation, you will do much better incorporating both.

The Nutritional Aspect

If you want to sum things up, the goal of this program will be to have you use up more energy than you eat everyday. It’s that deficit that will reduce your waistline by forcing your body to dig into your fat reserves.

In this regard, you will need to eliminate as much junk food from your diet as possible and eat clean at least 6 days a week. If you make good progress, you can allow yourself a special treat once a week but don’t go overboard to avoid selling yourself short.

What you will want to pay special attention to: avoid sodas, increase your intake of vegetables and fruits, limit any sugary items and food which contains lots of fat.

The Cardiovascular Workout

runHere, any activity that will have you move will do, from jogging to playing hockey or going to the pool. You will want to start with 30 minutes at a time not to rush things, and do it 3 times a week. As your physical condition gets better, increase that amount but never go beyond 5 times more than an hour to avoid overexercising which could prove to be counterproductive.

Serving your God may start in your heart, but if you want to truly honor Him, become the best humain being that you can be. Which means developping your body as well as your intellect.

This article dealt with the first part. Stay tuned for the second…